Film Credits Dragon Ball Z
– Bruce Faulconer


Film Credits The Lord of the Rings
– Kevin Shelby


Film Credits Steppin
– Cliff Clements


Film Credits Sin City
– Dr. Edward Yi


About Movie ...

His way of life forged by war, honor and Karma... Mike is a squad leader in the highly respected U. S. Marine Corps Forces, Special Operations Command (MARSOC). On a fateful mission one day, Mike and his unit members commit a mistake they can never hope to atone. The unit members come back home disgraced, haunted by the war they failed to finish. Now, re-established in their community, Karma presents the men a long awaited chance for salvation and atonement. Their struggle depicts mankind’s fight for honor and how Karma has a way of giving second chances.

ShotSignal Producers

Producer. Marketing Director -Kevin ShelbyMr. Shelby has over 20 years experience as an Advertising and Marketing Executive specializing in Entertainment and Media. ...

Producer. Production Manager -Cliff ClementsMr. Clements brilliant promotional skills have garnered world wide praise and attention. He has promoted different sports events ...


Producer. Music Drector -Bruce Faulconer Veteran Film and television composer Bruce Faulconer’s experience has been recognized internationally, ...

Producer. Film Director -Dr. Edward YiDr. Yi is a 9th Degree Grandmaster of Tukong Moosul, the South Korean Special Forces martial arts training system, ...

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